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How can an ergonomic chair help against back pain ?

How can an office chair help against back pain in the office?

The solution for the problem you are looking for, is an ergonomically shaped office chair that is both height-adjustable, swivelling and stable. An adjustable backrest and well-padded armrests can also improve the sitting position. This effectively prevents one-sided strain on the spine. If the office chair also has a seat that can be tilted, a sitting position can be adopted that tilts the pelvis slightly forward. This sitting posture allows the spine to resume its natural double-S shape. This relieves the back muscles and prevents the onset of back pain and tension. A good office chair for back pain is therefore always an important investment in your health.

What's the ideal office chair for my body ?

In order for an office chair to offer maximum comfort, it must fit your body and be correctly adjusted. Women need different office chairs than men. For women, it is particularly important that the chair for back pain has a flexible and soft backrest that supports the lower part of the body. For men, a firm backrest is recommended to prevent painful tension in the neck and shoulders. In addition, the chair against back pain must be adjusted so that a straight line of sight to the screen is possible. The top line of the screen is ideally exactly at eye level, with the thighs and lower legs forming a right angle and the soles of the feet resting completely on the floor. This sitting position distributes the weight evenly on the intervertebral discs and gives back problems no chance. It is also advisable to purchase an office chair for back pain if you have existing problems in order to avoid further aggravation.