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Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
Ergonomic Chair - Brisbane HD 24/7
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    • Brisbane is a versatile ergonomic workhorse task chair that meets all your comfort and support needs while being customizable to fit everybody in the office.  Offering up to 6 seat sizes, multiple controls, an adjustable height back and arm options including a unique roll back arm that moves out of the way when you don’t want or need it.  The Heavy Duty 24/7 version includes our 12-year warranty for up to a 450 lb person.  Ballistic Brisbane, a unique ballistic nylon version is perfect for security, police and fire departments where utility belts often tear up chair upholstery when sitting with them on in a chair.  This super strong nylon material is placed in just the right areas to protect from wear and tear and look great year after year.  Via Seating’s 12-year warranty includes Brisbane HD’s incredible comfortable and supportive proprietary foam and the heavy-duty 24/7 applications. It even covers the labor. Brisbane HD chairs are  shipped 95% assembled and the price includes shipping.

      Designed by Via Seating’s Studio V.

      + Your chair ships 95% assembled

      + Certifications: Clean Air Gold

      + Ballistic Brisbane: featuring Ballistic Brisbane, which uses strategically placed ballistic nylon to protect chair against gun, safety and utility belts.

      + Seats: offering six seat sizes—petite (AA) to heavy-duty, extra-large (D).

      + Weight Capacity: 450 lb

      + Extra Large Seat ! 

      + Backrest: adjustable height mid backs for HD 24/7 use.

    • Specification Standard Seat Medium Seat Heavy-Duty Large Seat Heavy-Duty Extra-Large Seat
      Chair Height 42.6″ – 52.4″ 43.5″ – 53.3″ 43.0″ – 52.8″ 42.6″ – 52.4″
      Seat Height 17.6″ – 22.4″ 17.4″ – 22.2″ 17.8″ – 22.6″ 17.6″ – 22.4″
      Seat Width 19.5″ 20.0″ 22.0″ 23.5″
      Back Width 15.3″ – 16.3″ 15.3″ – 16.3″ 15.3″ – 16.3″ 15.3″ – 16.3″
      Back Height 20.2″ – 22.7″ 20.4″ – 22.9″ 20.4″ – 22.9″ 20.2″ – 22.7″
      Chair Width 29.1″ 30.7″ 28.5″ 29.1″
      Seat Depth 16.1″ – 18.1″ 18.0″ – 20.0″ 18.4″ – 20.4″ 18.6″ – 20.6″
      • Delivery Time: 3 - 5 Business Days

        Returns: You can return almost any item within 30 days of receipt without incurring a restocking fee if the item is returned in like-new condition. The 30-day risk-free policy applies only to items shipped within the continental United States.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Ray Terry

    First off, I did not get paid or receive anything free to write this. I purchased this product and this is my review of the quality and value.

    The company that builds this, Via Seating, did an excellent job of not only designing the product, but also thinking through the assembly from a non-technical user perspective. To that end, they have supplied everything needed, including tools, gloves and a safety cutter for opening the cartons, along with a clear, user-friendly pictorial instruction sheet that is easy to read (i.e., it's not the usual folded up tiny paper with "mouse type" printing).

    With the well-thought-out design, this chair is a joy to assemble and can be done by even someone with near zero mechanical skills. The whole job from start to finish took me under an hour, and that was with one eye on a favorite Netflix show.

    Once you have it put together, you will see where the chair really shines -- it's in the many adjustments that are available -- adjustable arm rests (up/down), seat height (up/down), lumbar support (in/out and up/down), headrest (in/out and up/down), and chair tilt (locked upright, or locked at two different angles, or free recline).

    One final note -- all the padding on this chair (in the seat cushion, arm rests, lumbar support and headrest) is firm. So, if you're looking for a "big comfy couch" type of seat, this isn't for you. However, if you want a chair that will encourage proper positioning while working at the computer all day, this is your chair.

    Trisha Kreiger
    Super Comfortable Office Chair

    This is one of the best chairs I've ever owned. With so many adjustments, it's great on my back and neck. It rolls around smooth.

    Colton Swaniawski

    I bought this for my husband, who works from home, as a Christmas gift. My office chair that my corporate purchased was something similar but I think it’s way more expensive than this one. I was amazed by the quality of this chair. It’s very easy to install, the instructions is very clear and easy to understand. It come with all the needed tools and even a pair of glove to keep your hand clean, very thoughtful. Husband spent about half an hour to install and he loves it. It’s very sturdy and comfortable. Wheels are smooth; leaning back, hight and the head support adjustment are very easy to make. Highly recommend.

    Aurelia Kuphal

    After covid lockdown , i had to start working from home. basically spending whole day behind desk on my chair. My old office chair got broken and it had leather upholstery. not exactly real leather. after long time it started shed into little pieces and started making mess. also leather seat is not really comfortable in hot weather. so i needed new chair without leather seat. after tons of research on internet, i decided this chair because it fitted in my price range and seemed really great. it did reach my expectations. first of all, very easy to install. i finished assemble in 15 minutes. Mesh on the back keep it cool. great lumbar support. seat is very comfortable to seat for long time. it has adjustable head rest. not just work on this chair, even sit on to rest is enjoyable. so far i am very satisfied with this purchase. i would highly recommend this chair to anyone looking for

    Nikolas Turcotte

    I was really hesitant to buy this chair as it looked really uncomfortable to me with the mesh back BUT I have shoulder pain, carpel tunnel and a partial torn rotator cuff so I knew I had to change something. I have had it for about a week. I can already tell I am sitting up straighter and it is more comfortable. I tend to be a sloucher when I sit and this was comfortable in the original position without any adjustments. I am a person that is always hot and the mesh back makes it much cooler to sit with out heavy material right up against your back. I was using a really old ergonomic desk chair that was so heavy and bulky. I have my desk right next to my bed in my bedroom so space is limited. My other chair was so heavy that I would actually dread having to move it out of the way to get into bed at night. This one is a narrow-er depth and so light weight that I have to be careful I don't throw it across the room moving it because I am still thinking I have my old heavy chair. I am a big believer in researching anything I buy and reading reviews and calculating the good vs bad review percentages. I am very happy I bought this comfy chair that has taken my pain away